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Anera BV has been producing mezzanine floors since 1987 to expand your business space. 
A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor, entresol floor, platform floor, or mezzanine, is the easiest, most flexible, and cost-effective solution for creating additional space within your premises.

Since 2013, JAFOR BV has been your contact in the Belgian market for warehouse and business installations. In 2020, Anera and JAFOR joined forces to supply and install mezzanine floors on the Belgian market. This collaboration was established because we strongly believe that as a customer, you need a partner who manages your project as if it were their own. According to us, this is only possible when all aspects throughout the project, from the initial contact to the completion, are handled by one party. One party that takes care of your project.

The entire process of your platform floor is carried out in-house. From the initial conversation, 3D design, production phase, to transport and installation of the mezzanine floor, Jafor-Anera ensures your active involvement in the project. In this way, you can expect the best quality, reliable delivery times, quick support, and the necessary transparency from us.

We warmly invite you to visit our sales office in Diepenbeek (B) or our production facility in Klundert (NL), where you can observe the welding, rolling, and coating processes of your project."

Our expertise - your certainty

Engineering mezzanine

We provide complete engineering services for your project. Our engineers design and calculate the best solution for your expansion using the provided information. Your mezzanine floor is custom-designed according to your preferences. We visit the site to take measurements and provide an initial 3D design.

Production mezzanine
Own Production

We manufacture the entire product ourselves and are therefore not dependent on suppliers. We have a construction workshop for producing welded components, a rolling mill for shaping our profiles, and a painting booth for coating the parts.

CE certification
CE Declaration

This standard provides you with additional assurance regarding the delivered quality. The entire production has obtained the European EN-1090-1 (CE) certificate. 
Our welding work is also certified with ISO 3834-3.