Underside of the mezzanine floor


Double Your Space

A mezzanine floor, also known as a platform floor, warehouse floor, or entresol floor, is a lightweight, simple floor construction. It is an easy way to increase the surface area in your company without the need for structural alterations. And all of this comes with a low investment cost.

Our mezzanine floor is manufactured for you according to a certified production process (CE label). Various finishing options, including different types of floor plates, stairs, pallet positions, railing, system walls, etc., cater to the desired application finish. With our flexible construction system, we can provide you with a mezzanine floor, regardless of the sector you are in.



Our mezzanine floors consist of a self-supporting steel structure. 
This means that the structure is independent of the building construction, and therefore there are no architectural limitations. 
The only technical constraints are the clear height of your space and the strength of the substrate.

Of course, we need to dimension your warehouse floor in the correct way. 
Not only the right type of profile and column but also a proper choice of floor plate is essential to meet your requirements.

It is, therefore, crucial that you provide us with accurate information about the intended use of the mezzanine floor. 
Our sales engineers are more than willing to discuss on-site the necessary technical aspects and the application of your mezzanine floor.

Profiles of the mezzanine floor


The entire metal structure is composed of cold-rolled galvanized profiles, supported by columns.
Since 2007, Anera has been producing its own Euro profile in its own rolling mill.
This is done in full compliance with the EN1090 standard, allowing us to deliver our platform floors with a CE label.

The Euro profile is specially developed and offers several advantages over competing profiles.
The key advantage of the Euro profile is that it can be clicked together, creating a composite profile.
The added value of this is that larger spans can be achieved.
Spans of up to 8 meters in standard configurations are thus possible.

The load-bearing capacity of our mezzanine floors varies between 250kg/m² and 2000kg/m².

Mezzanine - intermediate floor -  platform floor

Stairs and Railing

Accessing a platform floor typically involves using stairs.
For these stairs, there are various options depending on the application of the mezzanine floor.
Firstly, we consider the incline of the stairs (35°, 45°).
And the finishing of the steps (grating, teardrop plate, beech, ...)
The stair stringers are always welded and coated, resulting in a beautiful and durable execution.

In accordance with regulations, we provide an intermediate landing from a stair height of 3.6m.

To ensure safety on the mezzanine floors, railing is installed.
Our standard railing is delivered painted and includes a kickboard, knee protection, and hip protection.
Child-friendly railing is also possible.

up and over pallet gate on mezzanine

Pallet Loading Area

To place goods on the warehouse platform, a pallet loading area is necessary.
As the railing on the mezzanine floor is interrupted at one or more locations for this purpose, proper attention must be given to fall protection.
A pallet loading area can be equipped with various types of fall protection.

  • Pallet loading area with chain
  • Up & over pallet gate
  • Swing gate

In each configuration, the floor plate of the mezzanine floor is protected by a galvanized plate.

The height and width of the goods to be loaded are important parameters.
We have the capability to create custom fall protection systems tailored to your needs.