Constructie platform

Fire-resistant platform

Organizing everything logistically can be quite a challenge for the customer, especially when additional requirements are imposed on a good idea like a mezzanine floor. One of these requirements could be, for example, a necessary fire resistance of 30 minutes. A partner in mezzanine floors that offers multiple solutions in this regard is more than welcome for a customer like GC Europe.

Stepover op platformvloer

In the overall change of their logistics system, there was a need for a mezzanine floor of approximately 800m². This platform floor will accommodate conveyor belts, storage racks, picking zones, and the like.

Given the continuous presence of employees on and beneath the mezzanine floor, a 30-minute fire resistance of the entire structure is a necessity. Applying a fire-resistant coating to the steel structure along with the installation of a specific fire-resistant floor plate ensures that the customer can allow their people to work in a safe manner.

The mezzanine floor was then finished with the necessary stairs with intermediate landings, folding gates, stepovers, and railing, all in customer-specific color combinations.

800m² of Additional Workspace