platformvloer met kantelhek

L-Shaped Mezzanine with up & over pallet gate

3 Mezzanine Floors

Our customer, J.M.B. Matrassen BV in Bocholt, needed 2 mezzanine floors in their production hall.

It was decided to install mezzanine floors equipped with a pallet racking system with recessed railing and a chain. This allows goods to be easily placed on and off the platform floor.

A wall was provided under one of the mezzanine floors to compartmentalize the free space.

After the success of the mezzanine floors in the production hall, they also opted to install a mezzanine floor in the finishing hall. Since a part of the production process takes place on top of the mezzanine floor, extra attention was given to the pallet loading area. A large up and over pallet gate (net height of 2m and an opening of 3m) was chosen to accommodate mattresses of all sizes.