Mezzanine - intermediate floor -  platform floor

Mezzanine Floor with Office

Integrating Office into Warehouse

Marnick BV in Hulshout wanted a mezzanine floor with dual functions: one part is used for storage, and the other part is set up as an office. These two mezzanine floors are connected by a walkway (gantry).

Bureau et stockage

There was a deliberate choice for the large open space beneath the mezzanine floor. By placing columns only at the edges, flexibility is maintained, allowing for various layout configurations. Currently, the space beneath the platform is used as a parking area for cars/vans.

Because the mezzanine floor is higher than 3.6m, we provided the stairs with an intermediate landing. The columns/railing were chosen in a black finish (RAL 9005). The swing gate ensures safety at the pallet loading area.

We were also entrusted with the warehouse setup:



The office space was finished with plasterboard walls, seamlessly connecting to the roof arches and stylishly furnished by our client.

From zero to hero